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pinkgothic is the primary gamemaster of a freeform cyberpunk IRC RPG called 'Wildcard' that she's run in several incarnations steadily since the end of 2000. Her gamemaster style is more that of a run-away player who's been given a total godmoding waiver. Miraculously, this has yet to run her players off, though she suspects shenanigans (as opposed to skill).

Roleplaying: A personal perspective / definition

Note: This post was written for an MMORPG community backdrop, where this perspective tends to be rare. It’s also applicable to freeform roleplaying (though the common MMORPG pitfalls that are being expressly addressed in this post usually don’t apply there), but will probably have very little applicability to dice- and/or stat-based roleplay. Continue reading

Crossing: A definition for MMORPG contexts

Note: This post is very MMORPG-centric, since the topic of crossing in ‘traditional’ roleplaying media such as pen and paper and freeform is fairly clear-cut and hopefully needs not elaboration.

If it’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that crossing is bad.

But what?is?crossing??Not all too surprisingly, given the various opinions on what roleplay even is in MMORPG contexts, the opinions on that differ wildly. In my usual fashion, I’m going to present mine in a tl;dr sort of way. Continue reading

The stigma of the deus ex machina

In less interactive forms of art, the deus ex machina has an understandably poor reputation. Given a single or even a small number of similarly geared authors co-writing a plot, there is no excuse to have to fall back to a metaphysical (or quasi-metaphysical) outside force in times wherein characters are caught in a quagmire. If worst comes to worst, you scrap a chapter, rewind, and try again, avoiding the mistakes you made to get them there.

In roleplaying games, the stigma of the literary device remains… but it doesn’t have to, nor, in my opinion, should it. In fact, if anything, I’d say it’s a fallback a gamemaster should always be pointedly aware of and ready to use, in as much as the setting permits. Continue reading

Exercise for the brave: Sharing characters

This article was originally written for an MMORPG community (though I’ve tweaked it to allow it to be better presented out of context), but holds true for any roleplaying that is reasonably personality-conscious. I want to say ‘everywhere’, but I think in some places, people prefer the environment (quests and plot) to focussing on their own characters. Continue reading

Aspects of the art of roleplaying

For some people, RPing is just a way to have fun and relax and comes with no obligation to themselves.

Others take it a step further and decide to elevate it to an art form – especially notorious in those who place their emphasis on?the collaborative story-telling aspect of RP. To these people, it becomes important how?well?they roleplay – that ends up being a large part of the fun for them.

So, here’m I, guilty as charged.

But what does ‘being good at roleplaying’ actually?mean? Continue reading