About Literati

Literati is, of course, an awful pun on ‘illuminati‘. That’s tongue-in-cheek at best of times and humourously self-deprecating all the others.

Literati exists for gamemasters of text-based roleplaying games of any calibre to share their thoughts on the art and joys of the format. It’s amazingly varied, and sometimes we forget that – Literati exists to share your experience and your love for the past-time with a broader audience.

It’s geared at roleplayers as well as other gamemasters and intended as an encouraging, constructive platform to grant the readers a broader view, and as a resource for those oft-written articles defining genres, styles and combat systems. It’s specifically not intended for rants or scathing critiques. This blog isn’t a soap box or a moral sign-post; if it can’t be worded as reasonably generic advice or an illuminating point of view… it simply doesn’t belong here.

If you want to contribute to Literati as an author, let us know! We’re always open to having new authors aboard. At chime-in at literati dot thorngale dot net, you can either e-mail us an article directly, or express your interest for an author account. There is an editorial system, but it is intentionally lax – the philosophy of Literati is that people are intelligent especially if you let them, and we strive to let them.

Let’s celebrate text-based roleplaying together!

Obligatory shout-out: This is an unofficial Darkmyst project, intended for the wider community much like the official projects RPG Hub, RPGServ and the NPC command.

The site is currently run by pinkgothic and Rehchoortahn and has no editors.

If you feel a post here is off-topic, offensive or non-constructive, please get in touch with an admin or editor.

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