Plot, onomatopoeic

On some days, ‘plot’ is the sound your plot makes as it clunks along haphazardly.

This is how I introduce myself to new players:
(click for larger)

<GM> Hey, guys. Watch this! :D <PLOT HAPPENS> Voil?! You are now in the hands of the enemy! <Hero> Dude that's awesome <Player> eee, so much potential! <Hero> One question, though. <Hero> How do we get back out of this pickle? <GM> ... <GM> er, well. I haven't actually thought that far yet.

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About pinkgothic

pinkgothic is the primary gamemaster of a freeform cyberpunk IRC RPG called 'Wildcard' that she's run in several incarnations steadily since the end of 2000. Her gamemaster style is more that of a run-away player who's been given a total godmoding waiver. Miraculously, this has yet to run her players off, though she suspects shenanigans (as opposed to skill).

5 thoughts on “Plot, onomatopoeic

  1. I can see (in D&D alignment terms) that you could be considered a Lawful Good, or at worst Lawful Neutral GM. For us Chaotic Evil GM’s, the final panel could read “Well, that’s your problem.” >:)

  2. I definitely wouldn’t call her lawful in her GMing style. The reason she’s normally ‘erk, how DO we save them’ is it’s generally her character’s heads on the line too… and because killing the entire party means the fun has to stop. Killing a few of the party along the way, well, that’s a different thing entirely. >:)

  3. It’s a shame there isn’t a “Like” button here, because I really like that last reply 🙂 Something I’ve found as a GM is that it’s far, far too easy to sit there in the design phase of an adventure and inadvertently create something that’s a real character-killer, when all that was really intended was to make it a little tougher than the norm. When I did face-to-face D&D, it was deeply embarassing to get half-way through an evening’s play and then have to stop because the whole party were dead, imprisoned or irredeemably maimed or ummm… changed. A mistake I only made once (at least deliberately… my infamous “killer” dungeon was quite legendary in certain circles)

    • Ooh, burn, ouch! My condolences. Live and learn, I guess.

      For what it’s worth, I’d say that’s exactly what deus ex machinas are for. They don’t work in single-author literature nor in movies, but they’re a gamemaster’s best friend. In fact, I intend to write about that soon. 🙂 Unless someone else beats me to it.

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